Quiapo, Manila





Quiapo, Manila – Feb 10, 2014

So I went to Welmansons for the first time and it’s like heaven there for someone who loves crystals and swarovski. It’s also a lot cheaper there and has a lot more variety and assortment. Then I decided to explore a bit more of Quiapo. I passed by here hundreds of times by jeep, bus, or cab by I still haven’t tried to step foot along the streets. The historical Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene has the aura of Its own. Souvenirs can be bought anywhere. Tiange are everywhere along the streets. One must be careful for snatchers though because it’s a hotspot for such thing. I’ll try visit here more often as I can.

Looking Back



Looking back when we had a shoot at Buendia PNR railway – we also had a simple moment with the kids. We treated them ice-cream and even played games with them.They were nice and super kulit while watching Iza and Inah do their poses while I was photographing them. The mothers of the kids told us they were used to the life along the railroad even though it’s evidently dangerous. Later we found out that the officials of the barangay built a playground for them near the place. It feels so nice for us to feed the children because it’s just a simple gesture which made them really happy. Growing our parents always told us to give and share your blessings with other people especially the unfortunate ones. It’s a great life philosophy – “it’s better to give than to receive.”

















Model/Client: April Jane Rosero

The rest I did everything.
Photography | Hair and Makeup | Set Design | Direction

Me. Me. Me. Me! :)
So please do hire me. I can do pretty much everything.

Appliquéd and Beaded Mermaid-cut Champagne gown and the Red Tulle gown made by yours truly. My hard work and effort is really worth it. It was never easy. Believe me! But it was the good kind of stress.

Even the dazzling earrings, I made them! If you’re interested, you can email me at lawrencegarbo@yahoo.com and place your reservations and orders there :)

Ohh and it was actually shot at our house ~ both the indoors and the outdoor

Weeee ;)

Santi’s Wrath

It’s signal no.3 here in Pampanga last night and it definitely wasn’t a peaceful 4 hours. It’s heavily raining and wind was very harsh. It gotten to a point where there’a already a whooshing sound along the wind. You can here falling plastics, trunks, and roofs. Brownout, the people were stranded for sure, heavy traffic. But there was something that really worried us. The dogs, our dogs and the dogs along the street.


This is Princess with her 3 puppies who are a week old. While the heavy rain was pouring I can’t stop worrying about if they’re wet or what. Water is entering our house from the blaze of rain from the closed windows. I checked them and braved the signal. No 3 rain. It was really really hard. Our umbrella that was once strong and steady is now unrepairable. I free the other dogs so they can find shelter.


The thing about the puppies was that, you can’t evacuated them because the rain was consistently hard and no umbrella can surpass it. The tendency was that they’ll get more wet. And they won’t make it if they’ll be so wet and cold. So what I did was come back and forth with sako and garbage bag and lots of cloth pins. All I have was flashlight and an already broken umbrella.


The rain was stinging on my skin. Dripping wet and chilling from the cold wind, I continued with my mission. It wasn’t easy at all but I’m glad I made it. I even toweled the puppies so they’ll get warm. And the amazing thing was that the other dogs were following me. They looked concerned about princess and her pups that they won’t leave even though they’re also wet.

It was a surreal experience, I never thought that that would happen to me. I feel like a survivor. I survived the storm for saving animals, dogs. I changed clothes twice because I came in and out checking them. As I lay on my bed, thinking about what happened made me realized that be cool to your dogs, because you’re a god to them and they’ll protect you but when the time comes you have to protect them yourself.

The aftermath…


While I’m writing this… It’s still brownout. Dead transportation because of fallen Acacia trees. Well I’m praying and hoping for everyone that’s affected from Santi’s wrath safety and fast recovery.

Blood Donation


OCT 1 – I was excited and nervous to fulfill one of my life goals, to donate blood. I’m scared with needles but ironically, I use them as tools for sewing. But what’s frightening is that it’s intentionally has to be injected into your skin. But growing up, I’m trying to conquer this fear. I get vaccinations full heartedly because it’s for my own good.

This one’s different. They’re taking a bag of blood from your body. It’s my first time so I’m not sure if how does that feel, if I’m I gonna faint or what. And to think that the needle they’re going to use is thicker. ‘Like a Zesto straw’, they say, which made it a more frightening impression.



UST BLOOD BANK, 2pm – They took a sample of my blood, asked me safety questions, and kindly asked me to wait. As my name is called, they told me to lie down and relax. It took time for me relax. As I gather myself, I relaxed, looked at the other way and med technologist injected it.


As the blood flows through the tube, I thought about the people struggling. Patients from a tragic accident, dengue and other diseases and complications. Many people die because of the loss of blood. And many people are desperate to have some blood, the people who really need immediate blood transfusion.


As I volunteer, I’m thankful to God for giving me a healthy body. As they say, ‘It’s better to give than to receive’. It heart-whelming to somehow help someone. And the fact that it’s going to a stranger makes it even more better. You won’t know if who will have your blood, who is having your blood. What’s important is that, you helped.

I’m definitely gonna do this every 3 months (which is only allowed). It wasn’t painful. It bruised days after but it’s okay. UST was accommodating and very good at what they do.

Oh I’m still alive


My last blog was months ago and I really feel bad about it. I promise to myself and to my followers to start blogging more. I love blogging, even the random things. I love posting my photographs. I feel validated whenever I write and post it online. I’ve been really busy late that’s also why I don’t have the time and sheer motivation to blog. But I’m still very active doing microblogs through twitter (@ilovemimigarbo) and instagram (@mimigarbo).

I’m gonna continue with my Casual Cameraworks and also post iphone-shots. I’ll blog about my past and latest designs, and what’s currently making me busy. With this I hope I’ll feel more organized! :)